CJML Policies


1. Lateness:

The monthly Math test is to begin at 4:00 p.m. or as soon as possible thereafter.

The test will end one hour from the official start-time.

Late-arriving schools will be located to another test-site with a proctor to avoid disrupting the test.

Late-arriving schools also have an hour for the test, provided that total time is extended no longer than 15 minutes past the end of the official test, whether that time equals one hour or less.

[adopted December 2006]


2. ARML Honorarium:
Up to 4 chaperones of the annual ARML trip will each receive an honorarium of $75.

[adopted October 2006]


3. Annual Dues Increase:

The annual dues each team owes to CJML will automatically increase by 5% per year.  This change in dues can be modified at the annual 'reorganization meeting' in May.
[adopted May 2006]


The annual dues per team was raised from $315 to $330, approximately 5%, at the May 2007 reorganization meeting.


4. Gift Policy:
It is proposed that there be an “Advisor Recognition Fund” set up by the Central Jersey Math League.

A. Two kinds of recognition would be given:
1. Recognition of a special occasion in the life of an advisor such as marriage, birth of a child, death in the immediate family, or illness requiring hospitalization or confinement to the home.  Recognition for, but not strictly limited to, any of the above occasions may take the form of an appropriate greeting card.

2. Recognition for years of service to the CJML accumulated upon “retirement” from the position of advisor.  Recognition for service shall consist of a commemorative gift, i. e., one that is engraved with the name of the recipient and a message. 

Eligibility for a service recognition gift should begin with a minimum of four years service as an advisor in the CJML.  Years of service should consist of years of service plus years served as an officer in the CJML.
            (e. g., 4 yrs of service plus 2 years as an officer amounts to 6 yrs service total)

The nature and cost of the gift should reflect the number of years of service accumulated by the advisor divided into the following increments.
                                   4-9       10-14       15-19        20-24        25+ years

B. Amount of the fund shall initially be $150.00 created through an equal assessment of each advisor to CJML.

Because the number of advisors being recognized and the reason for recognition will vary in each succeeding year, the fund will periodically need to be replenished through re-assessment of the advisors.  

A custodian or custodial committee should be created to hold and expend the funds and to anticipate if and when the fund should need to be replenished.  The custodian or a representative of the custodial committee of the fund should report to the group concerning the gifts that have been bought and the fund balance.  If circumstances require it, the custodian or representative should inform the advisors of any need for a re-assessment of advisors to replenish the fund and the reason for the re-assessment.  
[adopted January 2007]      


5. Calculator Policy:
It is proposed that for all contests for the 2009-2010 school year, no calculators will be permitted.
[adopted at Reorganization Meeting, May 2009]  

6. ARML Eligibility
Students who have participated in three meets - not including the two home meets - are eligible for ARML.