Metuchen High School: GIMP


Culminating Exercise 1

12 points

In this culminating exercise, you'll use several image-editing skills that you have worked with recently.  The goal is to make a greeting card that congratulates the four people whose photos appear in the "Exercise" section.  They are friends, so they belong together on one greeting card. 

Open Microsoft Publisher.  Choose Greeting Card and look for an appropriate category, like "Congratulations".  You should see, near the bottom of the screen, a tab for each page of the card, 1 - 4.  Choose a color scheme that you like.  The 4 photos below, once you edit them, should all appear on one page of the card.  They should all be approximately the same size.  You can write some simple things on the 3 pages of the card that don't have photos.

Download each of the images below.


For the first photo (graduation1.jpg), edit the photo so that the two out-of-focus people in the background are no longer there.  Instead, the background should be the almost-white that is behind the leftmost out-of-focus person in the background.

For the second photo (graduation2.jpg), find a different background that you'd like to use.  Replace the photo's background with the new background.

For the third photo (graduation3.jpg), add a frame of your choosing around the photo.

For the fourth photo (graduation4.jpg), have the final photo (the diploma) appear at regular intervals in the image's background.  The diploma should appear at least four times.


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