Metuchen High School: GIMP


18. Culminating Exercise 2

10 points

In this culminating exercise, you'll use several image-editing skills that you have worked with recently.  The goal is to start on a simple web page for a local company.


1. Make a background for the company's web page. You could find an image that would be appropriate for the background, and apply the Make Seamless tool to it. (The image would have to be pretty "quiet" to function well as the background for a web page.) Alternatively, you could create a background using a color gradient.

2. Make a small animated GIF that will serve as the company's logo on the web page. Use the first letter of the company name as the basis for the GIF. Using the Text Tool, generate 6 or more versions of the letter. For example, if the company name begins with "K," generate 6 different K's, and place each one on its own layer. Then link them together into an animated GIF.

3. Make an image map that will provide 4 or more links to the company's products or services. If the company is a stationery store, for example, the image map could contain links to the computer dept., the software dept., paper supplies and copying services. To construct the image map, find relevant images and assemble them into a single image. Then use GIMP's image map construction capabilities to turn the image into a functioning image map. Post the image map on the web page.