Metuchen High School: GIMP

Animated GIF #3

8 points



This exercise discusses creating an animated GIF using GIMP's drawing tools.  You are not expected to re-create the example below.  See the Exercise section below to see what you are expected to do.

In this exercise, you use GIMP's drawing tools to make an animated GIF.  You'll probably use the Pencil, Pen, Airbrush and/or Ink tools.

The GIF I made shows a sunrise.  It consists of 16 frames.  After I started the project, in the Layers dialog I used the Duplicate Layer button, at the bottom of the dialog, to create the additional layers I needed.  I created the sun with the Paintbrush tool.  I changed the Foreground color to different shades of gray for the GIFs' backgrounds, and used the Bucket Fill tool to fill each layer with color.

The steps used to create the animated GIF were identical to the steps used on previous animated GIF projects:
To create the animated GIF, do File > Save.  At the bottom of the screen, you see "Select File Type".  Select GIF.  Select Save As Animation and Convert to Indexed and click Export.  You can select Loop Forever.  For "Frame disposal where unspecified," choose One Frame Per Layer.  Click "Use disposal entered above for all frames".  Click Save.  Then preview your animated GIF: Filters > Animation > Playback.

Consider using GIMP's Blend tool to make your animation smoother.


Make an animated GIF, using the drawing tools, with 10 or more frames.

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