HTML & CSS: Lists 2

An Ordered List

Using an ordered list can be useful when you have information to convey in a numbered format. An advantage of using a list is that it is possible to add or delete a list element without worrying about the numbering.

You begin an ordered list with the tag <OL> (for "ordered list"), and you conclude the list with </OL>. Each list element begins with <LI> (for "list element") and ends with </LI>.

Here's an example of an ordered list:



Definition List

A definition list is useful if the information you want to convey involves longer passages (for example, definitions).

The definition list begins with <DL> (for "definition list") and it ends with </DL>. Terms to be defined are preceded by the <DT> tag. The definitions themselves are preceded by the <DD> tag. Here is an example: