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This is a challenging program. In 'Hog' a player chooses how many 6-sided dice to roll - any number of dice between 1 and 10. The player gets points for the total value of the dice rolled unless they roll a 1. If any of the dice show 1, the overall score for the turn is 0.

I used 4 screens to create this game. Here are screenshots of the 4 screens:

This is the start screen that shows when the app is run.




This is the rules screen that explains the game's rules.



This is the play screen, where the player makes their choice.


This is the results screen, which displays the results of the player's roll.


Here is the Hog image I used, in case you want to use it too.




The video describes the 4 screens you could use to write this app.

The video shows how a completed Hog game would work.