AP Computer Science A

This class is graded on a 'Total Points' basis. Everything a student finishes earns points (completed programs, weekly FRQs, homework, quizzes). At the end of a marking period, a student's grade is based on the points earned. A detailed, tentative rubric that associates points earned with grades will be posted at least two weeks before the end of the marking period.

Here is an approximate rubric for the marking period:

Points Earned Grade Earned
100 A
70 B

Here are approximate percentages for the weighting of the 4 categories of student work:
Programs 50-55%
Weekly FRQs 20-25%
Homework 10-15%
Review Packets 15-20%

Unfortunately, any letter grade or percentage that Genesis lists will be wrong. If you have a question about how your child is doing in the class, please e-mail the teacher at: jstevens [at] metuchenhigh.org.