AP Computer Science A, 2021-2022, MP 1

This class is graded on a 'Total Points' basis. Everything a student finishes earns points (completed programs, weekly FRQs, homework, quizzes). The points that a student has earned appear in Genesis in a column headed by "E". At the end of a marking period, a student's grade is based on the points earned. A detailed, tentative rubric that associates points earned with a grade will be posted at least two weeks before the end of the marking period.

Here is an approximate rubric for marking period 1:

Points Earned Grade Earned
93 A
69 B
45 C
21 D

Here are approximate percentages for the weighting of the 4 categories of student work:
Programs 50-55%
Weekly FRQs 20-25%
Homework 10-15%
Review Packets 15-20%

Unfortunately, any letter grade or percentage that Genesis lists will be wrong. If you have a question about how your child is doing in the class, please e-mail the teacher at: jstevens [at] metuchenhigh.org.