Using on a Chromebook

You should create an account on Then the website will save your files.

To create a 'repl':
- Click on 'Start coding'
- Click on 'Java'
- Click on 'Create repl'
- In the left column, click on the small icon that says 'Add file' when you hover over it.
- In the blank box, enter the name of the Java file that you want to run. For example:
- Copy-paste the contents of the Java file into the middle window.

An issue with is that the class is always present. If you click Run, runs but your program doesn't. To get your program to run, edit For example, if your program is '', edit so that it looks like this:

class Main{
public static void main(String[] args)

This will get to run your program.

To run a different program, substitute the program name for 'convertTemps' in