Draw a Face

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In this program the only method we use that is really new to us is 'putBeeper()'. We basically just use what we know how to do with Karel J. Robot to draw a face. You'll probably use these methods in writing this program:

You can also put commands into your program to add walls, like the walls that made up Karel's house in the fetch-the-newspaper program. The command:
      World.placeEWWall(3, 7, 5);
places an east-west wall north of 3rd Street, where the first Avenue it crosses is 7th Avenue, and it is 5 blocks long.

Similarly, the command:
      World.placeNSWall (3, 7, 5);
places a north-south wall east of 3rd Avenue, where the first Street it crosses is 7th Street, and it also 5 blocks long.

See csis.pace.edu/~bergin/KarelJava2ed/kareloptions.html for more information on adding walls.

Here is the face I drew:

If you want to draw something other than a face, just talk to me about it.


Starting Point

You can download DrawAFace.java to use as a starting point in writing your program.