Word Mastermind

20 points

In Word Mastermind, the user first chooses whether they want to guess a short, medium or long word. Here's what this looks like in my program:


When the user clicks a button, those 4 buttons become invisible and the following screen appears:


In the image above you see, left to right, a JLabel, a JTextField, a JButton and a JScrollPane.
The user types their guess into the JTextField and clicks the button. The program then responds by writing to the JScrollPane:


This process then continues until the user guesses the word:


If the user enters too few or too many letters, the program catches the error, reports it to the user, and gives them another chance.


Starting Point

You can download to use as a starting point in writing your program. This Java file includes some information on working with objects such as a JButton and a JTextField.

Here are 2 files with words that you may use, or you could find another file online.
shortwordlist.txt [2123 words]
longwordlist.txt [69,903 words]


JAR File

You can download WordMastermind.jar as an example of a completed Word MasterMind program. Then double-click on the JAR file to run it. What you're writing in this program is the "You Guess A Word" game.