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Complete Program

I made all instance variables public for this project. There are 4 cooperating classes, and having the variables public makes it easier to access a variable that is stored inside another class. You give the name of the class where the variable is stored, followed by the variable name. For example: bShip.readyToStartGame.


Starting Point

You can download the files,,,, and BShip.html to use as starting points in writing this program. Instructions for writing code are given in these Java files.

Note: This program is based on the classic board game "Battleship".

Here are some screenshots of the game being played:

First both players are asked their names:

Then 1 player has exclusive use of the screen while he positions his ships:

This is what it looks like after player 1 has finished positioning his ships:

Then it is the other player's turn to position his ships:

Here the game is about to begin, and player 1 will take his first shot:

A yellow dot appears where the player clicks, before he makes the move final by clicking the button:

After he clicks the button, a white dot tells him that he missed player 2's boats:

On his second move, a red dot tells him that he hit one of player 2's boats:

This screen shows that player 1 has sunk one of player 2's boats:

This screen shows that player 2 has sunk one of player 1's boats:

This screen shows that player 2 has won the game:



A JAR file for Battleship is now available. Download the JAR file, double-click on it and the game should run.