Cool Student Programs


Anime Click by Tom Surratt. '' is 168K. Unzipping gives 'animeClick.exe' (250K)
The Dot Game by Martin Maskin. '' is 138K. Unzipping gives 'DotGame.exe' (649K).
To play click on a dot and then a second dot that completes a line segment. You get a point for each box that you enclose.
Baseball by Andrew Fiebert. '' is 12K. Unzipping gives BASEBALL.EXE (52K).
To pitch, use keys 7, 8 or 9 in the numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard. To hit, use the Shift key or the Space bar.
Millionaire by Imran Halani. '' is 8K. Unzipping gives 'Millionaire.exe' (40K)
BestOfTen by Ari Opitz. '' is 7K. Unzipping gives 'BestOfTen.exe' (32K)
The Line Game by Jacob Pretyka. '' is 5K. Unzipping gives LINEGAME.EXE (24K)
Tic-Tac-Toe by Tim Green. '' is 10K. Unzipping gives 'TICTACTOE.EXE' (53K)
MasterMind by Andrew Fiebert. '' is 16K. Unzipping gives 'Master Mind.exe' (96K) and 'High Scores.mind' (1K)
Memory by Andrew Fiebert. '' is 14K zipped, 48K
Hangman by Larry Savage. '' is 172K. Unzipping gives 2 files, 'hangman.exe' (76K) and 'words.txt' (444K).
Connect4 by Sean McCaffrey. '' is 10K. Unzipping gives 1 file, 'connect4.exe' (44K).
To play Connect4: click on a circle. The circle will fall to the bottom of its column. To win, line up four circles in a horizontal row, a vertical column, or on a diagonal.
Pong by Greg Lombardi '04.  A re-creation of the classic 1970s video game.
High-Low by Matt Santos '09.  This is a two-person version of the classic "guess the number I am thinking of" game.  When it appears that your opponent is about to guess his number, you can hit the "Frazzle" button, which changes the number he is trying to guess.  'HighLow' is 7K zipped, 32K unzipped.  Unzipping yields Highlow
Skippy by Alexa "programming is for losers" Kolchmeyer '09.  This wacky, whimsical text-based adventure game lets you try to solve the mystery.
Concentration by J. Stevens.  A fractal version of the classic memory game.  Save it locally and then unzip it.
Click On It by Alex Barron '09.  Click on 3 moving colored squares and rack up points.  57
Click On It by Tyler Geerdts '09.  Click on a randomly moving square and get points.  28
Tic-Tac-Toe by Nataly Maldonado '09. The classic game.
5-In-A-Row Tic-Tac-Toe by Brian Yip '10. The classic game with a twist: you have to get 5 in a
Circular Tic Tac Toe by J. Stevens.  A fun update on the classic game.
Trivial Pursuit by Blair Downing '08. How much do you know?
Math Quiz Game by J. Stevens. Test your math and science