HTML: Lists (Part 2)


A Definition List

The definition list is the third basic kind of list. The definition list is useful if the information you want to convey involves longer passages (for example, definitions).

The definition list begins with <DL> (for "definition list") and it ends with </DL>. Terms to be defined are preceded by the <DT> tag. The definitions themselves are preceded by the <DD> tag.



Here is an example of a definition list:

<b>The Planets of the Solar System</b>



<dd>The smallest of the planets and the one nearest the sun, having a sidereal period of revolution about the sun of 88 days at a mean distance of 58.3 million kilometers and a mean radius of approximately 2,414 kilometers.


<dd>The second planet from the sun, having an average radius of 6,052 kilometers, a mass of 0.815 times that of Earth, and a sidereal period of revolution about the Sun of 234.7 days at a mean distance of approximately 108.1 million kilometers.



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Other Resources

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Work on either 1) your web page, or 2) Add a definition list with at least three terms (three <DT> tags).

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