# Exercise Description
1. Getting Started document.write()
2. Responding to a Click alert(), onClick, onLoad
3. Dates and Times Date, status, variables
4. Random numbers Math object, random()
5. Simple Math prompt(), eval(), math
6. Properties Browser, Document Properties
7. Forms and Event Handlers Forms, onChange, onClick
8. Functions Functions
9. IF Statement IF, Confirm, History
10. FOR Loops and Forms Form Validation
11. onMouseOver onMouseOver, Image Swaps
12. onMouseOver II onMouseOver, PreCaching Images
13. Function, IF, Date Find the time in Tokyo
14. Function to Display Images A Function, A Form & Images
15. How Many Days Until... Date, A Function, A Form
16. A New Window window.open(), window.close()
17. Modify Original Window 'opener' object
18. Math & Forms Math.PI, Math.tan
19. Strings toUpperCase(), indexOf()
20. Strings II number-string conversions, substr()
21. Random Numbers Decisions & Randomness