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This program implements a simplified HashMap class to store bank account information. The bank accounts are represented by the BankAccount class. The HashMap's key is a 6-character String, which is represented by the ID class.

For this program, you will write your own HashMap class, and the HashMapMain class that works with the HashMap class. You will also accomplish identical tasks using the Java library's HashMap class. You should achieve identical results with the two approaches.

Input and output are done in a console window.


Starting Point

You can download HashMap.zip to use as a starting point in writing your program. Instructions for writing the program are given in the .java files. You should have the files listed below. The 4 .java files will make up your project, and the .dat file is an input file.


What Does the Program Do?

Also stored in HashMap.zip are these files:

Put both files in your server space. To see what a completed program does, double-click on runIt.bat.