APCS: Image Processing Project, Activity 5

6 points

Read Activity 5 on pages 10 - 13.

Answer the 7 questions at the top of page 11. This provides a review of interfaces and inheritance. If it would be helpful, you can try out some of the lines of code in a main() in the current project.

Do the exercise suggested in the paragraph that begins "What do you think you will see..." on page 12.

Do each of the exercises 1 - 5 on pages 12 - 13. You can omit exercise 6.

Note that PictureTester is used to run methods that you write or modify in Picture. In PictureTester's main(), uncomment the method that you want to run. For example, when you write the method keepOnlyBlue in Picture, you would uncomment testKeepOnlyBlue() in PictureTester's main() and then run PictureTester.


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