AP Computer Science

George would have taken computer programming,
if it had existed in 1748.


  1. Bar Codes
  2. Recursive Binary Search
  3. Insertion Sort
  4. Palindrome
  5. Merge Sort
  6. A Stack Class
  7. Arithmetic Stack
  8. A Queue Class
  9. 911 Ambulance Dispatch



  • AP Exam practice problems will be given out each week. They will be given out on Monday and collected on Friday.

  • Quiz on Interfaces (Chapter 9) will be on December 7.

  • Read sections 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 and 9.4 from the Java Concepts text on Interfaces. (The remaining sections in the chapter are recommended reading, but the material covered is not included in the AP curriculum.) Answer these questions on pages 429 - 431: R9.1, R9.2, R9.3, R9.4, R9.6, R9.7, R9.8. These problems are due December 5.

  • Interfaces assignment: Download this file. Decompress it and put the 5 classes (Vehicle, HasCombustionEngine, Car, Bicycle and Interfaces) into a project. Uncomment each section of code in Interfaces.java from A to O, one at a time and, if possible, run the code. Type your answer to the question (which is typically "What can you conclude from this?") in Interfaces.java. The question "what can you conclude from this?" means "What does this tell you about how interfaces work?" Hand in Interfaces.java. This work is due November 26.



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