AP Computer Science

George would have taken computer programming,
if it had existed in 1748.


About 'Genesis': This class is graded on a 'total points' basis. Everything a student gets credit for earns points, and at the end of a marking period a student's grade is based on the points earned. Note that Genesis does not do a good job of representing grades for a class graded on a 'total points' basis. Any percentages that Genesis lists will probably be wrong. If you have a question about how your child is doing in the class, it is best to e-mail the teacher at: jstevens [at] metuchenhigh.org.  


    2. Recursive Binary Search
    3. Insertion Sort
    4. Palindrome
    5. Merge Sort
    6. A Stack Class
    7. Arithmetic Stack
    8. A Queue Class
    9. 911 Ambulance Dispatch
    10. Elevens Project



  • AP Exam practice problems will be given out each week. They will be given out on Monday and collected on Friday. Below is the problem for the week. You should download the Java file, complete this program on the computer, and then hand in hard copy of your program.

    Due January 28:
    Chapter 10 of the Java Concepts text covers Inheritance. Read sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 of Chapter 10. (The remaining sections in the chapter are recommended reading, but the material covered is not included in the AP curriculum.) Answer these questions from the Review Exercises that begin on page 489: R10.1, R10.2, R10.3, R10.4, R10.5, R10.6 and R10.9. In addition, do these exercises from the Programming Exercises that begin on p. 493: P10.3 and P10.6.

    Due January 16:
    Do these exercises on inheritance.



Tentative Marking Period Grading Rubric

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