AP Computer Science

George would have taken computer programming,
if it had existed in 1748.


Summer Work

Summer Work



If you didn't complete these when you took Java Programming:

  1. Bar Codes
  2. Recursive Binary Search
  3. Insertion Sort
  4. Palindrome
  5. A Stack Class
  6. Arithmetic Stack
  7. A Queue Class
  8. 911 Ambulance Dispatch
  9. Elevens Project
  10. Towers of Hanoi
  11. Robot Recursion
  12. Birthday Problem
  13. Random Walk



Due January 27:
Chapter 10 of the Java Concepts text covers Inheritance. Read sections 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 of Chapter 10. (The remaining sections in the chapter are recommended reading, but the material covered is not included in the AP curriculum.) Answer these questions from the Review Exercises that begin on page 489: R10.1, R10.2, R10.3, R10.4, R10.5, R10.6 and R10.9. In addition, do these exercises from the Programming Exercises that begin on p. 493: P10.3 and P10.6. This exercise is worth 9 points.

Visit this link for more information on these exercises.


Due January 12:
Complete this project that makes use of the concepts of inheritance.




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