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A palindrome reads the same way left-to-right as it does right-to-left. The name of the pop group Abba is a palindrome. The number 666 is a palindrome. The phrase "Madam I'm Adam" is a palindrome. In this program you use a recursive approach to figuring out whether or not a given phrase is a palindrome.

Here are some examples of a running program:
Word? Abba
Congratulations, Abba is a palindrome.

Word? Madam I'm Adam
Congratulations, MadamImAdam is a palindrome.

Word? 123 !@#$%^&*() 321
Congratulations, 123321 is a palindrome.

Word? Wednesday
Wednesday is not a palindrome.


Starting Point

You can download to use as a starting point in writing your program. Instructions for writing the program are given in the .java file.