Python Programming

About 'Genesis': This class is graded on a 'total points' basis.  Everything a student gets credit for earns points, and at the end of a marking period a student's grade is based on the points earned.  A rubric that associates points earned with a grade will be posted in the final two weeks of the marking period.  Any letter grade or percentage that Genesis lists will be wrong.  If you have a question about how your child is doing in the class, it is best to e-mail the teacher at: jstevens [at]   


  1. Five Click House
  2. Lightning
  3. Coffee
  4. Pizza
  5. Months
  6. Ants
  7. Quiche
  8. Turtle Geometry
  9. Age Palindromes
  10. One Hand Word



You can download and run this code to see examples of specific programming concepts.


Problem Sets

See the Python page on Classroom for these problem sets. Each problem set includes a YouTube video that shows how the code in the problem set should run once you've written the code.

Problem Set #5 is on Lists.
This is due Monday, May 17.

Problem Set #4 is on Decisions. This is due Wednesday, May 5.


Google Slides

See the Python page on Classroom.