MHS Java Programming

Abe would have taken computer programming, if it had existed in 1825.


About 'Genesis': This class is graded on a 'total points' basis.  Everything a student gets credit for earns points, and at the end of a marking period a student's grade is based on the points earned.  A rubric that associates points earned with a grade will be posted in the final two weeks of the marking period.  Any letter grade or percentage that Genesis lists will be wrong.  If you have a question about how your child is doing in the class, it is best to e-mail the teacher at: jstevens [at]   


1. Draw a House
2. Temperatures
3. Basic Math
4. When is Easter?
5. Karel - Get the Paper
6. Karel - Draw A Face
7. Drawing Food with BreezyGUI
8. Karel - Draw A Face 2
9. Digital Clock
10. Digital Clock 2
11. Weather Advice
12. Weather Advice 2
13. Guess My Weight
14. Ticket Printer
15. Maze
16. Drive a Car
17. Car 2
18. Digital Clock 3
19. Steeple Chase
20. Animation









Downloading Software

Download Java and an IDE


Using on a Chromebook notes
Write/read files
Using a JAR file on
Using KarelJRobot on