MHS Java Programming

Abe would have taken computer programming, if it had existed in 1825.



1. Draw a House
2. Temperatures
3. Basic Math
4. When is Easter?
5. Karel - Get the Paper
6. Karel - Draw A Face
7. Karel - Draw A Face 2
8. Drawing Food with BreezyGUI
9. Digital Clock
10. Digital Clock 2
11. Weather Advice



Due Oct. 10:
Read sections 1 - 10 of Chapter 2 of Java Concepts, 6th Edition. (If you are interested in doing graphics and GUIs in Java, you can read sections 11 - 13.) Answer questions R2.3, R2.5, R2.10, R2.11 and R2.12 from the Review Exercises that start on p. 66. Also, answer programming questions P2.10, P2.11 and P2.12 on p. 69. You can create a Random number generator with this: Random rand = new Random(). Doing P2.10 - P2.12 on the computer is optional; you can do them with pencil and paper. Feel free to ask questions in class about these problems, before the assignment is due. This homework is worth 8 points.



The quiz on Chapter 2 will be on Oct. 11.






  • Code We Wrote in Class: